Customer cards

Prime Accessories - Customer Loyalty Program

Customers who join the Prime Loyalty Program of the Prime Accessories will be able to benefit from exclusive discounts and bonuses.

To join the loyalty program, you are required to make a minimum of 50 AZN shopping in Prime Boutiques.

There are 3 types of customer cards:

1.     Classic card holders will receive standard 2% bonus + 10% - discount

2.  Gold card holders - receive standard 2% bonus + 20% discount

3.     Platinum cardholders - receive standard 2% bonus + 30% discount

Classic card holder who has purchased goods for more than 2 500 AZN during a year will be awarded with Gold card.
Platinum card is available for Gold card holders who has purchased goods for more than 5,000 AZN during a year .
Do not forget to use your loyalty card at Prime Boutiques!